Forgotten favourites

Posted Monday, 12 March 2012  /  Written by The Twig

We were delighted to read this piece from the BBC today on rediscovering forgotten foods. Regular readers will know we've been banging on about it for some time. Despite what the article headline says, it's not "bizarre" food that we're talking about, just traditional produce that has fallen out of favour because it can't be mass produced or because the skills needed to produce it have been lost. It's an important recognition that "however much foodies stamp their feet and say they only want us to use local shops, they have to accept that supermarkets are here to stay" We're certainly amongst those foodies but we recognise that, whether we like it or not, supermarkets are a fact of life. As well as continuing to support local retailers, we need to work with the multiples to encourage them to buy from small regional producers. So, we say well done to Booths and Slow Food for taking this important step. Time will tell if Booths are truly committed to the project but, if they are, it could be the blueprint for a country-wide revolution.

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