What's in a name II

Posted Saturday, 3 March 2012  /  Written by The Twig

Last month we blogged about honest food labelling. It's time that producers and retailers were completely honest with consumers so that we can make informed choices about our food. Compassion in World Farming have just announced a new campaign for 2012 that we'll be supporting. The aim, essentially, is to have the same labelling laws for dairy and meat as we have for eggs. EU law now dictates that egg producers have to say if eggs are from caged hens, indoor-reared animals or free range. It's a clear and simple requirement that lets shoppers decide, on a fully informed basis, between products on offer. There's no reason why the same laws shouldn't be applied to dairy and meat. As CIWF puts it "Consumers want to be able to choose foods that ensure higher animal welfare. We believe that all foods should be honestly labelled, not only those such as Organic and Freedom Food that actively promote higher welfare. It’s time that we knew where our food comes from and how it is farmed." Quite. You can find out more about CIWF's campaign HERE. This Sunday (March 4th) Compassion’s Philip Lymbery will speak on BBC One’s Countryfile about how food labelling must change to help deliver higher welfare for farm animals. Tune in, check out the website and show your support for clear food labelling.

CIWF unlabelled meat

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